An adventure is an exciting outdoor activity or adventure which is usually quite risky, at times daring. Adventure activities can be dangerous activities with some possible for physical risk like trekking, hiking, camping, mountain climbing, skydiving or participating in other extreme sports like surfing. Adventure activities are good for people who are new to the country, city or region, because it requires a lot of outdoor skills and knowledge. Adventurers may also go on a long hike or cross-country riding. However, one should always ensure that the adventure he is about to take is safe for his physical and mental health.

Adventure travel is a growing trend among holiday makers, business people and other individuals who would like to have an adventure vacation. Some people go on long treks, while others take part in different adventurous sports like rock climbing, paragliding or free fall jumping. Adventure tourism can also mean any other tourist activities like bike tours, camping and trekking, etc. These are generally done by non-government or private organizations providing adventure tourism.

Adventure tourism activities are available all over the world. Adventure seekers should look for the place where they would like to spend their adventure vacations. Adventure seekers should also consider the budget and the equipment required before taking part in any adventure activity. Some adventure tourists like to climb, bungee jump or participate in different risky sports like rock climbing, free fall, white water rafting and white water skiing. Adventure seekers should also check out the climatic conditions of the place before embarking upon it, so that they do not face any difficulty during the expedition.

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