Adventure – the ability to act, perceive and evaluate a situation in the best light and use the knowledge and skills we have to make the most of the adventure – is what we call an adventure. An adventure can be an exciting new experience or outdoor challenge, often risky, occasionally dangerous. Adventure can also be experiences with some possibility of physical risk like travelling, exploring, mountain biking, scuba diving, river rowing or participating in other extreme sports. Sometimes the desire for adventure is so great that we become willing to take calculated risks, use our physical and mental abilities in a way that’s not necessarily healthy or advisable, and generally show a lack of care for other people and their well-being. Some people, including adults, get very excited about and engaged in adventure sports – bungee jumping for example – even though they know they’re putting themselves at risk of serious injury and even death.

Adventure travel destinations are increasingly becoming popular and are becoming more suitable for families and adults. This is partly due to the growth in the development of the cruise ship industry. Tourism has come into its own in recent years, particularly in Asia, and adventure tourism destinations are experiencing growing popularity. In this sector of the tourism industry, there is a growing recognition of the need to provide opportunities to experience pleasant and safe recreational experiences while minimising negative impacts on the environment.

Adventure tourism activities can be supported by eco tourism, which promotes the reuse and recovery of potentially useful resources. Eco tourism allows businesses and individuals to use local or salvaged resources and engage in activities which have a positive environmental impact. There are many adventure tourism activities and destinations worldwide that offer a wide range of unique opportunities for adventure tourism. The following article offers some examples of destinations where you can go to have some fun:

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